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India is a big country in Asia. Public authority’s 2015 erotic entertainment boycott endeavored to target further social issues. Watch Free Indian Sex Movies – Hindi Porn Clips at Your Fingertips. Full-length Desi XXX movies, and don’t forget to bookmark us today for more clips.

Sofia Hayat was my landlady’s daughter. Above all, she is around 38 years old. However, she was married but got divorced within two years of her marriage to an alcoholic husband. As a result, she never marries again after that. We got along well, and a couple of months back, I fucked her as well. In addition, now we got along very well. Sofia Hayat lived with her mom, who was around 70 years old. She had arthritis and walked with a walker. Hayat chooses to stay in bed most of the time. I know she wants sex badly. I worked at a BPO with mostly night shifts.

Today is my day off. And realize I forgot to turn on the water to fill the tank. I go downstairs to where Hayat and her mother stay. Sofi says that I can use their bathroom. So ok, I’ll take a shower. I finish from the bathroom wearing my basketball shirt and long shorts. I chit-chatted along with Sofia Hayat’s mother. Then after some time, I go towards the kitchen. Sofi was pouring water on some flour so she could knead the dough and make chappatis.

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Before entering the kitchen, I looked inside the mother’s bedroom to check on her. Her eyes were closed, and she was counting beads. I go to the kitchen. Sofia is wearing a tee shirt and a long skirt, hugging her from the back and kissing Hayat on the neck. Sofi immediately tries to turn around and protest, but I stop her. The Indian Guy continues kissing her neck. Sucking Sofi’s earlobes makes her closing eyes. The MILF started to knead the mixture of flour and water. Sneaking his hand inside Sofi’s clothes.

I pushed the bra cups up and pulled the boobs out of the bra cups. Starts to squeeze and caress Hayat’s boobs. Along with rubbing her boobs, I kept on sucking her earlobes and kissing her on the neck. She closed her eyes with pleasure and swayed her head. Hayat’s turned her head around as much as possible and pouted her lips. I kissed her on the lips while squeezing her boobs. We then heard Sofia Hayat’s mum say, “I will have only two chapatis for lunch in India, and have completed counting my beads.” Sofia took some time to gather her strength and loudly replied, “OK, Mumma.” By now, she had made the dough. She shifted around within the chamber of my arms. She smooched me passionately and whispered, “Can’t you pause?. We can fuck after I aid lunch to mommy.”

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The guy doesn’t reply and pushes his tongue inside her mouth. I turned her around to the previous position and removed her t-shirt from the back. I am unhooking her bra now. Indeed, playing freely with Sofi boobs. The man presses her erect nipples between my fingers. Guy character bent down and lifted her skirt to her waist. I held the lower end of the dress between my teeth, so my hands were free. The horny guy inserted his fingers under the elastic of her panty and pulled it down to expose her round and plump buttocks. Meanwhile, she had put a mold from the dough on the wooden base and was rolling a wooden pin. I pressed and squeezed her bums and slid one of my palms between her ass cheeks. Meanwhile, Guy took his hand below her pussy and cupped it with his palm.

I raised my middle finger and folded the other fingers towards the palm. Meanwhile, the man inserts his middle finger inside Sofia Hayat’s cunt. Sofi presented her heels and stood on her toes to support her upper body on the granite kitchen slab. Enjoying my finger prick inside her narrow cunt. Meanwhile, she kept spreading the mold into a chappati with the rolling pin, even when my finger was inside her cunt. I danced my finger inside her cunt. Likewise, I swayed my finger like a pendulum and bounced it up and down inside her pussy.

Sexual Moaning In The India Kitchen

Sofia finishes making one chappati and is in the process of making the other one. Before rolling the next one, she switched on the induction cooker and started baking the first roti. In between, she let out soft moans in response to my dancing finger inside her cunt. Consequently, my mouth is getting tired. India male tucking the portion of her skirt under its elastic borders. Most importantly, I insert my middle and index finger together inside her cunt. She’s moaning, which came out from a cocktail of pleasure and pain. With my other hand, I keep squeezing her boobs.

Firstly, moving my fingers up and down inside her cunt like a carpenter’s saw. Secondly, she moaned, “OK, Mumma.” Sofia finishes two chapatis. She holds my wrist and pulls out my fingers from her cunt. She pulls down her skirt but keeps her panty down to her knees. Sofi quickly went and served lunch to her mom. Hayat returned to the kitchen. Just as she returned, I lifted her on the kitchen slab. Bring up her skirt to her waist. Man pulled the panty down to her ankles and obliterated it. Guy parted her legs and placed my head between her thighs.

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The male grabbed her thighs and started licking Sofi’s pussy. As a result, Hayat closed her eyes and pulled my head. So, my mouth to her cunt and get my tongue inside. I am flickering my tongue on Hayat’s clitoris currently. She had a habit of putting baby talcum powder on her cunt, after a shower. Therefore, her cunt smelt of that beautiful baby powder. She covered my head with her skirt while I sucked, kissed, and licked her pussy. While I was sucking the lips of her labia, I heard the mother speak again. Sofia requesting for a bit of salt. She pulled me out of her skirt.

Hayat jumps down from the granite kitchen slab and rushes to the bedroom to give salt to her mother. After that, She returns to me in the kitchen. She pushes me to the kitchen wall and kneels on the floor. She pulls out my long dark dick from my shorts. Currently, the penis is not at its most challenging point. My dick looked like a banana gone black after keeping it outside the fridge for days. My dick went 3 inches straight from its roots. After which, it curved down and went another 3.5 inches. The reddish head of my dick protruded out of the foreskin a bit, like a mushroom umbrella.

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